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Have your very own subscription business, accessing new customers and creating additional revenue streams.


A new business opportunity

At Drover, we believe that there is a new way for people to have a car on their driveway - through a monthly car subscription. In a digital world, people are increasingly expecting hassle free, flexible, online experiences that fit around their increasingly buy and changing lives.

How do we make it easy to run a subscription business:


Customer acquisition



Fleet management tools


Account & Customer Management


Payment Underwriting

Who Drover works with



2x your revenue per car:

  • Earn an income on your pre-reg cars
  • Monetize idle used car stock
  • Achieve revenue on your demo fleet

Car Rental Companies

Boost your overall income and achieve +90% utilization:

  • Access medium rental market
  • Avg booking longer than 6 months
  • Extend the life of your rental fleet

Leasing Companies

Earn 30% ROI on your cars:

  • Leasing Companies
    • Monetize broken leases
    • Profitable alternative to remarketing
    • Utilize available stock

    How Drover works for fleet partners

    1. Listings

    Upload cars that meet our requirements and that you would like to make available on Drover.

    2. Set your price

    Take high quality images of your cars and set the monthly rate you want to earn for your cars - or just follow Drover's guide prices for your cars.

    3. Bookings

    All you need to do as a Drover vehicle partner is handle check-in/outs and take care of servicing and maintenance of your cars.

    4. Payment

    We pay you for every day your car has been booked for in a particular month, even if we haven't yet recieved payment from our customer. No payment risk for you.

    What questions do we get asked?



    Fleet Partners remain the owner of the car throughout the booking period.



    Every Drover car is comprehensively insured in the name of the driver. Customers choose between using Drover's included insurance or arranging their own.



    For every booking, a subscription agreement between the Fleet Partner and the Customer is generated online.



    The minimum mileage allowance is 800 miles per month, however customers do have the option to purchase additional miles, for an additional charge.



    All Fleet Partners must carry out a check in/out inspection (Drover provides an iOS App). Drover processes charges and passes onto the customer.

    What our fleet owners say

    "I have worked with Drover for some time and I must say that they are a breath of fresh air in what is a somewhat traditional industry. The team are a pleasure to deal with and no request is too small."

    Francis Martin

    Fleet Owner

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