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Flexible monthly car subscriptions for one all inclusive price

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Driving your favourite Volkswagen is now even easier via our simple to use and cost effective subscription service.

Simply choose your favourite Volkswagen, sign up online and have your new car delivered right to your door.

Plus, we handle the insurance, road tax, servicing, maintenance, repairs and breakdown cover – all included in your monthly subscription, it’s that simple.

How it works

We can take you through it step-by-step, it’s simple and straightforward.

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Sign up and subscribe

All you need to do is subscribe and upload your UK drivers licence, then choose from a range of Volkswagens.

book longer term and save

Pick up your Volkswagen (or have it delivered!)

We will make sure you have everything you need to get started, including your insurance documents.

book longer term and save

Return the car when you are ready

Let us know when you want to end or pause your subscription or simply swap for a different Volkswagen.

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What do I get with my car subscription?

All included

MOTs, road tax, servicing, maintenance & breakdown cover all included in your monthly subscription.

Incredible flexibility

Switch or cancel your subscription at the end of the month, with no additional fees.

Save money

If you want to keep your Volkswagen for longer, long-term subscription discounts apply.

Exclusive fuel discounts

Save 5 pence per litre, on both diesel and petrol.

Choose your Volkswagen
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Fancy something different?

No problem, whether you are going on holiday or want to match the season, we give you the opportunity to try other Volkswagens during your subscription.