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  • Comprehensive insurance included in every booking
  • Full flexibility, pay only when you drive
  • No commitment or long rental periods
  • Dozens of Uber-ready cars available in your neighborhood
  • Book a car online in minutes
  • Or give us a call on 0800 0988 788 (toll free)
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What our members say

I've found the Drover service very flexible and the staff very helpful. You can earn some money without committing to a long term rental agreement. I recommend Drover to anyone wishing to try Uber.

Stephen Coen

They were very efficient in resolving my car problem, I got a car to get back on the road as quickly as possible, they do what they promise.

Emmanuel Johnson

Drover has amazing customer service. They are always very helpful and it is very easy to communicate with them, very professional. Their prices are low. I am very happy and will be using them for a long time. Thank you Drover!

Dinyo Dyankov

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Or call us on 0800 0988 788 (toll free).

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