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How Drover works for drivers

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Step 1: Sign up and book online instantly

Register, upload your documents and fill out your profile. Choose from 100s of available cars near you.

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Step 2: Pick up the car and start making money

We send you the car documents incl. your insurance, and pick up instructions as soon as you book - no more delays getting Uber-approved!

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Step 3: Return the car when you no longer need it

Let us know if you wish to return your car. Our weekly rolling contract gives you market-leading flexibility.

Why use Drover?

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Amazing prices

Competitive rates and the lowest deposit (£199) in the market. No PCN fees. Book for longer and pay even less!

100s of cars to choose from

Browse a market-leading variety of cars from Toyota Prius to Mercedes S Class. We have something for everyone's budget!

Quick, easy and flexible

Book online in seconds and get your car documents & comprehensive insurance instantly! Only one-week minimum rental term.

Exclusive discounts at 2,300 petrol stations across the UK

  • Get a FREE BP Fuel Card as part of your rental
  • 5 pence discount to pump prices on both diesel and petrol
  • Over 2,300 sites across the UK including all BP, Texaco and Gulf stations
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Join the club

Sign ­up online or visit the Drover Club House at 422 Kingsland Road, London, E8 4AA and we’ll help you submit your documents and get signed up.

Or call us on 020 3808 7636.

It's free to join!

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