Driving with drover

Choose your car today, and be on the roads tomorrow. Our comprehensive guide to using Drover.

All inclusive price

Buying and owning a car is expensive. It’s easy to forget about the extra costs that come with ownership, like insurance, tax, repairs & selling the car.

Pricing at Drover is all-inclusive. Simply, this means you'll pay one monthly price that covers everything you need to start driving (with no additional charge if you decide to stop). All you need to worry about is fuel, and through our partnership with BP, you can get discounted fuel prices at 1000s of stations across the UK.

What’s included in the subscription price:

Car insuranceCar insurance
Road TaxRoad Tax
Breakdown CoverBreakdown Cover
Wear & TearWear & Tear
Servicing & MaintenanceServicing & Maintenance

Two ways to start driving

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Monthly Rolling Subscription

Enjoy the flexibility of a monthly rolling subscription on a car.

  • One all-inclusive price
  • No long term commitment
  • Swap or cancel monthly
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Minimum Commitment Subscription

Subscribe to a car for 6 months, a year or longer and enjoy great discounts.

  • One all-inclusive price
  • Choose your ideal duration
  • No large down-payments

Subscribing with Drover

subscribing steps

Sign up and get approved

Create a Drover account online. (You'll need your drivers licence and NI number handy!) Once complete we'll carry out some quick checks on your profile simply designed to confirm your identity - these will not affect your credit score.

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Choose your car

Start your search across our entire collection. Choose from a range of new and used cars across a variety of prices, makes and models, to find the best fit. Reserve the car online and get everything you need instantly in an email (this includes car collection details, insurance documents, payment schedules etc).

subscribing steps

Collect your car

Collect your car or arrange for delivery with our supply partner. Check the condition of the vehicle and take the keys. All with no paperwork!

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Enjoy your car! If there are any issues with the vehicle, simply get in contact with the supply partner.

subscribing steps

Swap or return

Swapping or returning a vehicle is easy. Just let us know at least one week before your renewal date and return the car to the supply partner. If you’re on a break, let us know and we can arrange a vehicle for you when you return.

while you're driving

driving benefits


We’ve got your back. All vehicles booked via Drover include comprehensive insurance for the UK, with the option to add up to 2 additional drivers. Insurance is provided by Great Lakes Insurance SE (Munich Re) and is for use anywhere in the UK. If you’re involved in an accident all you need to do is contact the insurance company immediately on 01203 600 280. Depending on the circumstances, we will then look to get you back on the road as soon as possible

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Service and maintenance

You'll never need to worry about paying for servicing and maintenance again. With Drover all of these costs are included in your monthly price. Routine servicing and maintenance will be completed based on the condition of the car, and the mileage

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Our supply partners

As a marketplace, Drover does not own any of the vehicles on the Drover platform. What this means is that we work with a wide range of professional vehicle providers, all of whom must be approved and continually assessed for performance by Drover. This allows us to offer you the best possible range and prices of vehicles across the UK

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Parking tickets and fines

Drover streamlines management of speeding and parking tickets, processing them quickly to avoid additional late fees. We will alert you as soon as a Penalty Charge Notice is received for the car that you’re driving. Many of our supply partners also give you the option to contest the penalty charge with the relevant authority.

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Other damages

During your subscription, if there is damage that does not result in an insurance claim, please contact the supply partner by the next working day. The supply partner will then assess the extent of the damage and either request the car be returned for repair, or organise for repair near to you. You will be liable to pay for the repair. Our supply partner will provide a verified repair quote which will be assessed by the Drover team for accuracy